Advisory Council

What is the Arctic Education Alliance?

Launched by the U.S. Department of State in 2020, the Arctic Education Alliance (AEA) is a collaboration between Greenlandic and American education institutions to build education capacity in Greenland for land and fisheries management, sustainable tourism and hospitality
Through professional relationships and ongoing collaboration between institutions of higher education and vocational studies in Greenland and the United States, and in line with the Government of Greenland’s overall objectives, the AEA seeks to help Greenland meet its workforce development needs in the 21st century.    

What is the role of the advisory council?

The role of the advisory council, which will have five to seven members, is to provide strategic advice for the AEA, guiding the project to be relevant for and support Greenlandic students and society. The council will also help to facilitate Greenlandic participation in the project.